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Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club Zug

The Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club Zug serves as a destination for those, who are either already active in the Blockchain world or are interested in learning about all things blockchain-related.

Official EVZ Benefactors’ Association

This is a space for those from all different backgrounds, that are eager to learn, meet and network and most of all to further grow the Blockchain scene in Zug and all over Switzerland.

The local European top ice hockey club EVZ offers on its home games the perfect meeting platform and the home base for the Sixtyseven’s in the middle of the Crypto Valley in Zug. Through this close connection to EVZ as an official benefactors’ association of the club, the members of the Sixtyseven’s contribute with a large part of their membership fee also significantly to the success of EVZ in achieving its goals, when it comes to on-ice success on professional level (winning national and international titles) and player development through innovative thinking in their system of training and developing young players (The Hockey Academy).

This perfect symbiosis of sport and business in an environment that is characterized by emotions and sporting excellence, offers the Sixtyseven’s an exclusive platform to network and share business ideas with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.

Additional Meet ups and events will be organized by the Sixtyseven’s itself in different locations, where the club members have additional opportunities to exchange and have fun together. We can’t ignore the underlying technology that is changing the world as we know it. All are welcome, no matter where you are in the space currently.

Who we are

Blockchain Business Club

Blockchain business platform in the middle of the Crypto Valley Zug. Innovation hub and exclusive circle. Home base in the BOSSARD Arena (home of emotions).

Target Group

Open minded, Innovative, Entrepreneur, Impact-driven, Maker, Pragmatic, Independent, Interested in sports, Appreciates exclusivity, Connoisseur and gourmet.

Sixtyseven’s Lounge

Networking & Events

A lot of opportunities for business networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. Membercards with access to VIP area (Legends Club). Reserved area in the Legends Club for the Sixtyseven’s. Optional participation in the VIP away game road trips (separate costs). Exclusive Sixtyseven’s club events with many priceless experiences.


A group photo of Cedric Schmid, Reto Riser, Daniel Arpagaus and Ralf Glabischnig
Cédric Schmid CFO, Reto Riser Co-President, Daniel Arpagaus Co-President, Ralf Glabischnig Beisitzer
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